Achieving sustainable cultivation of bananas Volume 1

Achieving sustainable cultivation of bananas Volume 1

Cultivation techniques

Dr Gert Kema, Prof. André Drenth, Dr Hugo Volkaert, Mr Dan Koeppel, Dr W. K. Tushemereirwe


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Bananas are the world’s most popular fruit and, according to the FAO, the fourth most important crop in the developing world after rice, wheat and maize. This volume discusses ways of improving cultivation techniques to make production more sustainable.

Part 1 reviews current challenges in banana production. Part 2 surveys ways of improving cultivation practice across the value chain, from propagation to harvesting, packaging and ripening. The final part of the book assesses ways of measuring and improving the environmental impact of banana cultivation.

Drawing on an international range of expertise, this collection focuses on ways of achieving more sustainable cultivation of banana at each step in the value chain. The collection will be a standard reference for the banana research community as well as banana producers.